AFTRADE DMCC Supplies Tractors and Agricultural Equipment to Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, DRC, December 9, 2021: AFTRADE DMCC has reaffirmed its commitment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the supply of tractors and agricultural equipment to this important African economy via local partner Moise Kapend Tshombe.

Tshombe is the grandson of Moïse Kapend Tshombe, who was prime minister of the DRC from 1964 to 1965. He is an agriculturalist and has a partnership with AFTRADE DMCC, the authorized representative of most Belarussian manufacturers, to use its range of affordable agricultural machinery on his farms.

AFTRADE has supplied two tractors – Belarus 820 and Belarus 512 – along with a precision seed drill STV-8KU and a 4-row mounted potato planter L-207. These have reached the DRC and are being used on farmland.

This commitment to the DRC marks an important vindication for AFTRADE DMCC. Just nine months ago, in March 2021, Tshombe and AFTRADE executives who were visiting Lubumbashi to complete the business agreement, were illegally detained by the Congolese authorities on the basis of local misinformation. Once the DRC authorities checked and found they were indeed bona fide executives on a legitimate business visit, Tshombe and the visiting AFTRADE team were released without charges.

By completing their business deal and supplying tractors to the DRC, AFTRADE DMCC stands totally vindicated, having proved its business credentials in one more African market.

AFTRADE, a company that distributes agricultural and mining equipment in Africa, has agricultural deals with several countries to provide tractors and other farming machinery, as well as to provide training in modern farming techniques.

In DRC, the tractors provided by ADTRADE will support local farmers and boost agricultural output.

“This is a robust machine, one that will help our farmers increase the yield that we produce. It is already being used in the fields and is making a huge difference in our efficiency,” said Moise Kapend Tshombe, the DRC partner of AFTRADE.

The DRC has more available farmland than any other country in Africa, with an agricultural potential to feed almost 2 billion people. But only 10% of this land is currently being used. AFTRADE DMCC is committed to helping boost the country’s agricultural output with its tractors.

“We are pleased to be operational in the DRC market, and will continue providing the latest agricultural machinery to its farmers to boost their farm yields and support their livelihoods,” said Aleksander Zingman, head of AFTRADE DMCC.

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