Engine: model – CUMMINS KTA19-C; number of cylinders – 6; cylinders displacement, l – 18,9; cylinder diameter, mm – 159; piston stroke, mm – 159; electric equipment system voltage, V – 24; front axle suspension is rigid; rear axle sus-pension is rigid and fully articulated; steering: hydrostatic steering with flow amplifier and two double-acting cylin-ders; overall turning diameter, m – 20; brakes: service brakes are single-disk dry friction brakes with hydraulic actuator and hydraulic accumulator, parking brake is shoe-drum brake, emergency brake uses parking brake and op-erable circuit of service; driveline consists of two cardan shafts and two cardan couplings of open type with joints on needle bearings; cab: one-man heat and noise insulated hermetic cab is equipped with ROPS and FOPS systems and meets requirements of standarts that specify premissible levels of in-cab noise, vibration, content of hazardous sub-stances and dust.

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